Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chapter of My Life Comes To An End

This chapter of my life has come to a close as I finished my last day at Celebration Church. What a way to go, as I had to opportunity to be a part of Fall Family Festival. I can now say that I have served in every area of ministry in the church. I have cleaned the church, taken offering, served as youth minister, worked in children's ministry, music ministry, administration, education, Information Technology, Audio/Visual, Cell Pastor, Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, and now I have parked cars. Of course my wife would not be very happy if I were to serve in Women's ministry as that would require close constant relations with women outside the marriage.

I also had the priveledge of leading the Lord's Supper for the three services. What an incredible day to be a part of as we also celebrated 19 years as a church ministry.

This evening there is to be a farewell party for us. This is always the sadest time as those that you love and care for come to see you off. You become torn over excitment of new adventures and leaving close friends and family. The sad thing is, I know that I will not see everybody I want to see today as many have their own schedules to follow and there will not be any other time to spend with people as we have family to say goodbye to the rest of the week.

Now it is time to focus on the next adventure and vision that God has for First Baptist Church of Valdez, AK. I hope they are ready for me as I'll be coming armed and ready with excitment and vision to lead this church to do great things in the Kingdom.

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