Sunday, November 23, 2008


This past Thursday we finally received our things from Horizon Lines all the way from New Orleans. What a blessing to be able to open up the container to find everything in place except my car (no damage to it). One strap broke on the front end and the front end slid into the side of the container.

What was even better than having my things arrive, was to have the amount of support to help me unload this 40 foot container. We had it lined up to be a 2 hour live unload instead of having them drop it there for 72 hours (lots of money saved). I was a little concerned about getting it unloaded in that amount of time, but with the amount of help we had, we got it unloaded in 1.5 hours. Praise God.

We had to opportunity to experience a town tradition this week on Friday evening called Moonlight Madness sale. Many stores open a little later with various sales to take advantage of. Great way to go into stores that I probably would not have ventured in otherwise unless I needed something specific that they sell. Got to meet a lot of good people and get a few good bargains.

Snow, snow, and more snow is the story of Valdez but it is not even winter yet. On Saturday, we shoveled in the morning time and Dawn shoveled in the evening time and we woek up to find more snow on Sunday morning. But I cannot complain as I love the look of snow and you can not pay for a more beautiful view than what Valdez has to offer.

Looking forward to some of the traditions of this coming week.

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Jemuel said...

Hello! (Jemuel is not my real name - it's my internet screen name FYI)
I am the second-oldest son of the Gussert family. Have you met them yet? I'm looking forward to meeting you when I come home for Christmas break!

Valdez is pretty cool, eh? I'm in Alberta, and I really miss snow. It's just cold and windy here.