Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

"I'm dreaming of a White Thanksgiving" is the song of the day as we have received over 1 foot of snow overnight. When the snow is that heavy and then snow the falls off of your roof it makes for an interesting morning. The great thing is, is how the Lord blessed us this morning to overcome the amount of snow that fell, without killing my back shoveling. This morning we had delivered to us, a snow blower. What a blessing as we were beginning to save for this very item as it is a major NEED in Valdez.
NEED as in milk, eggs, bread, etc. Snow blowers, studded tires, and ice melt are NEEDS here as well. They fit into the same categories as the food items needed to survive. LOL

Above you can see how high the snow can actually get, as this is what has accumulated since we have been here. It is amazing to think that we have been here 3 weeks already. Time just flies by so fast.

I do not believe I have ever had a better Thanksgiving as I have had today. We had the opportunity to celebrate with our church family this wonderful holiday. I have never been to a church that has a true Thanksgiving meal together. Everyone is so busy doing their own thing and I found it to be a better time spending it with my heavenly family. There was less hustle and bustle as everyone pitched in to bring side dishes as the meat was provided by the church. In most families, you have 1 or 2 people doing everything while everyone else sits on their backside. I was blessed more today by celebrating it this than ever before.

I know many of you have been wanting to see some pictures from around town as well as the ones from the family. So here you go:

These are some of the pictures on a sunny day which there is not a lot of.

I cannot wait to experience the many traditions of this town in the coming weeks approaching Christmas.
Until next time.

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