Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm Home

Man, what a long journey to get to our final destination in Valdez, AK, but it has been wonderful. We spent Thursday night at Wal-mart where Wally got more from me than I had ever spent before. The next day was spent between being introduced to COSTCO (a wonderful warehouse style of shopping experience) and traveling back to Valdez. I praise God that we had people from the church in Anchorage while we were there to help load some the items we had to bring back. We actually loaded a Ford Excursion and a Ford 12 passenger van with luggage, food, hygiene, cleaning products, 2 turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree.

We arrived last night to about 4 inches of snow and I had my first experience at shoveling snow from my driveway. Boy what a workout and it isn't even bad yet. And then we had the opportunity to walk into our new home that was equipped with a welcome sign from the youth and kids, beds for us to use until we got our furniture here, and few few warm but chilly faces to greet us. I do not believe I have ever been received this way in my entire life. Not that other ministries have been dishonoring or anything like that but I have never been honored in such a way like that.

All over town, people have been so wonderful to greet and our family is really excited about being here. We know it will be a wonderful ministry and an opportunity to change a town for Jesus Christ.

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