Saturday, October 11, 2008

First full day

Today was a busy day.

It started off by getting woke up my wife at 5:30 am. Followed by meeting the XO (second in command) of the Valdez Coast Guard.
We had an incredible visit over a very good breakfast. It was very interesting to see the background he was raised in, theologically speaking, and to see where he is today.
That was followed by a good Junior High basketball game at 9:00 am and then an opportunity to go and see what we would be dealing with in grocery prices.
It was not as shocking as I might have expected in the grocery isles. I had sticker shock when I went from West Texas to New Orleans and went from paying $3 a gallon for milk to $4 a gallon.
Here the milk is the same price as well as most everything else I would buy at somewhere like Rouse's. The meat prices were the sticker shock. It is nearly $5 higher on many of the items we purchase on a regular basis.

We then met with the pastor search committee at 3 and had a fantastic time with them although as soon as we were done I got back to the B&B and saw my Tigers were stinking up the field. But a good meal with the committee tonight made it all worth it.

We had a chance to see a bald eagle, more mountains with snow, where we would potentially live (which was an awesome house), and had great fellowship with some great people.

Well, I will be preaching in the morning and am looking for to the Word of God flowing. I am praying that even though I will be on display for all to hear and see that the Holy Spirit will fall fresh on each person and we have a great awaking that these people have never experienced in their lives.

I also had some incredible food tonight. Many dished that seem to be native to this area that were awesome.

Well until next time.


Ruth Hatfield said...

Wow...the pictures are beautiful...I cannot believe there is snow on the ground this time of year...I cannot comprehend that! The mountains are awesome...I can only imagine standing there in the presence of God and just worshipping Him as you look at them. How could you not believe there is a God?
Is the blue house the parsonage? It looks nice...I am sure it is bigger than it looks in the picture from what you have told me about it.
Have a great you all bunches,

Momma and Mark

Alley said...

Good Luck Dude

jnjfell said...

Chad & Dawn you do know that if you move there, any king cakes I try to mail to you will be stale or frozen!


beautiful photos


Ruth Hatfield said...

And have you looked at the price of shipping...a 40 lb. box 30x30x30between $147 and $600 depending on the method of shipping...better fill up on king cakes, crawfish and boudin balls...:)

Momma and Mark