Friday, October 17, 2008

Back Home

Wow what a ride. It is a long way up there to the great countryside of Alaska. Man what beautiful scenes we saw on the way to Anchorage, AK. We saw the sun for the first time in a week and it made those snow tops glisten. Everyone in the van was picking on me as I must have shot over 100 photos of some of the same mountain tops, but it was just so beautiful.
It really was a great ride. We also got to stop at the former pastor's house for some lunch and I had the opportunity to speak with him some more and meet his lovely wife and even his grandchildren.
Then came time for the LLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG plane ride home. But it made it worth while when on the leg from Salt Lake City to Los Angelos David Archuleta (runner up for this last season of American Idol) came aboard the plane with a friend of his. My girls went nuts as well as everyone got whiplash from turning their heads so fast to get a glimpse of the superstar.
His was very kind to give my girls an autograph and pictures with him after we landed in Los Angelos.
Well now for the hard part of resigning one ministry, packing up, saying goodbye to good friends, and moving to another chapter in my life.
Until next post.

On The Way To Anchorage, AK


Daphne said...

Pleasse call me


Daphne Kirk said...

Ok we are on board and can keep up with life with the Richardsons. We are cheering you on and look forward to riding the great adventure with you.