Sunday, October 12, 2008

FIrst Sunday

We had a great day in the Lord today.

This morning I delivered my first message at FBC Valdez and I cannot believe how nervous I was. Everything went well but it was not my best sermon. I believe my nerves made a difference. The place was packed and the first thought that came to mind was that we are immediately going to have to two morning services to accommodate the growth from young families. It was also very refreshing to see such a blended age group, as many churches that are older, do not have a diverse group of people.
Valdez is a place that no one is from. Everyone is from somewhere else. I had dinner with people from Texas, California, Louisiana, and many other places.
The morning service was followed with a potluck dinner. Boy I have missed those. And man was it a spread of food. That got some good cooks.
We had dinner with a great couple that had just moved up from California and what a wonderful time we had.
Tonight's service had a great attendance. We had probably half or more of the attedance from Sunday morning which is very unusual as most churches have either done away with Sunday nights or attendance is very small. Man the sermon tonight was a homerun and had a great response from the people afterward. We cannot wait until tomorrow, as we get to go out on the Prince William Sound and look for wildlife.

God bless.

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David said...

Glad to hear you had a great Sunday. We're praying for you although Taylor's prayer is probably different than ours:)