Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Here are a few more pictures

Valdez, AK Snow

Valdez, AK Prince William Henry Sound


Ruth Hatfield said...

We are really in awe of the scenery...Mark is loving the snow. I rally enjoy seeing you all steer the boat...was that for real??? Nice boat. Jamie looked like she is having fun...as much as she loves the outdoors, this is right up her alley. Keep 'em coming...it is beautiful up there...love you guys,

Momma and Mark

Daphne said...

Chad and family,

WOW!!! The pictures are truly amazing and this is the first time I have been online since I got your email. Thank you so much for including us in your journey...Ya'll look so good. The girls are young ladies now and so beautiful. I really like Brittany's hair cut. Dawn you definitely have your hands full is Chad beating the guys away with a big stick? Victoria looks just like you Dawn or what you must have looked like as a teenager. Jamie sure is getting tall...so full of life. We have been praying for ya'll that all would go as the Lord has planned. I know wherever He leads you will go and you will be missed. Just remember the friends in Texas truly miss your wonderful family. I am so excited to see the pics and even more excited to know that the people up there want to take care of ya'll. The boat was neat I bet the air smells so clean there and the snow on the mountains....who could doubt God is in in control? Keep praying and let us hear from you...we miss ya'll and love ya'll give our love to the girls :)

Love in Christ,

Jerry, Daphne, & Jeri Lynne
Meme said hi and sends warmth!!!
Elisha said you should call her or at least email her back...