Friday, October 10, 2008

Meeting With Former Pastor and DOM

We have arrive in Anchorage, AK and have had a great time so far. We had the wonderful opportunity of meeting with the recently retired pastor of FBC Valdez and the Director of Missions for that area. What wonderful people they were and full of information.
It is amazing that the type of ministry we are doing in New Orleans is very accepted and is being embraced by the people of this region. We can't wait to get to Valdez and see what the area is like there.


John said...

Thanks, Chad, for including me on your blog. I celebrated your trip by watching an old episode of Northern Exposure. I look forward to seeing some pictures as well. John Frady

Ruth Hatfield said...

Okay where's the pictures...we are dying to see some. I am glad to hear you all arrived safely...we are praying for you...We had a wonderful prayer time at LaFrienere Park this morning.
Love you all,
Mom and Mark

jnjfell said...


If that is where God wants you to be then I am not even going to attempt to steal you and Dawn from it.

However, I just want to mention that Alaska does not have the following:

authentic white shrimp boots
community coffee
mosquitos (wait a miunte thats a good thing)

okay forget the mosquitos

bearable winters
a real summer (ok again not making a strong case on this one)

last but not least....James n Julie Fell


Have a fun time and a safe one

Did I mention the beignets??

--Julie Fell