Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday in Valdez

What a wonderful day that we had on Monday as a wonderful family took us out on their boat and we got to experience some beautiful scenery and a little wildlife. We saw some otters and sea lions out and about. But most of all, the scene of God were just absolutely awesome. I could never get tired of looking at this inspiration.
We had a great dinner with two families and just absolutely enjoyed the food and the fellowship. It also began snowing while we here and it is just breath taking to see the white on the ground and such big flakes falling.
Pictures will soon be posted.

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jnjfell said...

Well, so far I see only reasons that you and Dawn would want to stay up there instead of be down here.

Everything looks beautiful.

Please, if you have time, pray for our daughter, Micaela. She is having problems in school. That is one thing about God. Even if you guys are far away we can all still pray for one another.

Have a safe and pleasant time!

Tell Dawn and the girls that I miss them very much!