Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Judgement Day

Today was another awesome day in Valdez, AK. We started off the day sleeping in a little (we needed it as it has been a fast and furious week). I took my family to eat at the Totum Inn for breakfast, a place I got to experience our first morning here with the XO of the Coast Guard.
We found a few souvenirs there to take home with us and had a fantastic breakfast.
Brittany had the privilege of going to school in Valdez as a visitor with a young lady from the church and got to experience the Valdez school system. She came back that afternoon saying she had a great time, which is a first since she never has fun at school.
We had lunch at the interim pastor's home with he and his wife. They are a fantastic couple and have done a great job here. They have already become good friends and I hope to stay in touch with them even when they move on.
Victoria got a chance to tour the JH and she seemed to like the school and the things they had to offer.
We had a chance to visit the Valdez Glacier area where the ice from the glacier drifts to a little pond area that is frozen over. It was a great 4x4 ride as we all like to got concussions from banging around like pin balls.
Finally the time came that we have been waiting for all week. Time to face the firing squad and answering any questions before making a decision that will change the course for the church and for our family.
After sharing a little of my testimony and taking questions, I was requested to sing Old Rugged Cross and thankfully I had someone to help feed a couple of words to me and my mind went blank singing a song on the spot. After I made it through, my family and I went to the library of the church and awaited the decision from the people.
Waiting, waiting, waiting, finally the decision came.

The church voted unanimous. I am the new pastor of First Baptist Church Valdez Alaska. We could not be more thrilled as there is such promise for this area from ministry and missions.
Pictures will be on the next post and we are going to bed as we have a long to trip to Anchorage, AK to make a long flight home to New Orleans to begin the final chapter of our lives in Louisiana.


Daphne said...

Chad, Dawn, and girls,

We are so excited for ya'll. In my heart I knew before you even were invited to go, while you were talking about the resume being there that you would go. The Lord is sending blessings by the heap to ya'll. We love ya'll.


Jerry, Daphne & Jeri Lynne
Meme is cold from looking at the beautiful pics!!! She says to think WARM!!! FROG :)

jnjfell said...


I would not be honest about it if I said that we are happy about you leaving New Orleans. James and I felt that we really connected with you and your family and so we are sad to see you go.

I truly hope that everything works out for you, Dawn and the kids wherever you may be.

I wish the kids nothing but success at the new schools and I wish Dawn all of the happiness in a new place.

We enjoyed the time we had with you guys and Chad you gave the Westbankers a lot of hope that we were finally being considered as an important part of the Celebration Church body.

I hope that your placement in Alaska as that church's pastor leads a multitude of people to Jesus and that Dawn and the gets are able to touch lives as well.

Thanks for all that you and your family has done for the Westbank community while you were here.

Keep in touch and be safe!

--Julie Fell